I am a 61 year old woman with a severe degenerative spinal condition.  The four years that Julie has been my personal trainer has provided marked improvement in my balance and core strength, providing a huge step in my goal of avoiding/deferring risky back surgery. What I really appreciate about the private setting that Body by Giuliana provides is the confidence that there are no distractions for either myself or Julie, as opposed a crowded and bustling gym.  I know that  her concentration on  precision of form will provide a safe and secure workout environment.

-Janice B.

You have not only helped change and sculpt my body, you have also done this with my mind. You are constantly aiding me to push myself both mentally and physically. You are the best and informative trainer I have ever had. You truly lead by example and for all of this I thank you!


Before I was pregnant you would push me to be the best I could be and help me get my body to look and feel it’s best. When I was pregnant for the first time at the age of 40 I was scared how I would handle this both physically and mentally. Julie, you helped me stay in shape throughout my entire pregnancy. Together we lunged and squatted and helped me to stay healthy and strong. I believe this was directly related to me having a simple, straightforward and healthy pregnancy and delivery. After giving birth, you continue to coach me, challenge me and believe in me. You continue to resculpt my body and my mind. I am now back to my pre baby weight and there is no limit to how much stronger, leaner and healthier I can be. Thank you for believing in me, pushing me and inspiring me. You are the best and most informative trainer I know!

-Susheilla M

I have trained with Julie for a little over 1 ½ years. Prior to training with Julie I had trained with other trainers, so I can honestly say that Julie changed my life and the way I workout. She constantly changed my routine so I was never bored. Her motivation is what got me through some of the most grueling work I have ever done, which ultimately gave me the results, she had promised. Not only was I in the best physical shape of my life, I looked forward to coming to the gym and working out. While training with Julie, I found out I was pregnant with my first child, I trained with Julie up till my 38th week. I contribute my 7 ½ hour labor and speedy recovery time to working out, mostly training with Julie. Throughout my entire pregnancy Julie supported me both emotionally and physically. After I had my daughter I was back training with Julie within 4 weeks and haven’t stopped going to her since. It has been 8 weeks so far and I have about 15 pounds of my 40 pounds left to lose. My rapid weight loss and self-confidence boost is primarily due to a rigorous workout designed by Julie. Thank you Julie, you have made such a positive difference in my life!!!

-Sheena P.

A few years ago I went into a now defunct national gym and asked for the toughest female trainer they had. In walked Julie! That was probably 7 years ago and I have never looked back. Over the years Julie listened to me laugh and cry through life’s landmines. At the same time I was developing a pretty good body. It is nearly impossible today to find someone that helps you physically and mentally. She always is able to “more” out of me even when I feel there is nothing left. I admire her for becoming an entrepreneur and starting her own business. Also since she too is a wife and mother she knows what women are going through. So if you want to get fit in your body and spirit I would definitely recommend Julie. She is Mama Bear, Drill Sergeant and Life Coach all rolled into one very toned and shapely body.

-Therese C.

After turning 40 it has become difficult to maintain my weight. I used to play women’s ice hockey, tinker at the gym & do some jogging. Which was enough to maintain my weight, but not build strength. After quitting hockey this past year, I lost motivation to workout & I needed a solution! A friend introduced me to Julie and her studio. It was just what I needed. Now, having scheduled appointments, I’m working out again and I’m getting strong! Focus is on strength training, incorporating cardio. Training sessions are geared toward my specific ability and needs. She pushes me hard, but in an encouraging & supportive way. I LOVE the privacy of the studio, no worries of on-lookers or embarrassment—I can focus 100% on my self.

-Lynn L.

After signing up at Body By Giuliana, it has changed my attitude toward exercising. I was never into working out a gym, so when I attended my first private training session with Julie….I was SOLD! Julie has an amazing way of motivating and challenging you. She’s always changing the routine and teaching you something new every time you see her. Her facility is in a great location and is very clean and comfortable.

I currently see her twice a week and look forward to every single session. It has really changed my life and I appreciate all the time that Julie has put into making me feel great!

-Michelle V.

I am so thrilled to have found Julie!

I’ve been to a number of different trainers and Julie is one that I know I will stick with and see results with. I had been “running” at maximum 4-5mph for the past couple of years and within the first couple of weeks of training with her she had me running intervals at up 8+mph! The intervals are tough and intense but after I feel like Superwoman, ready to take on the next challenge and Julie is their waiting with another challenge. I love how she raises the bar in spite of my own perceived limits.

I am incredibly pleased with the results that I’ve had with her. I have lost almost 30 pounds and I love the look and feel of my more sculpted body, especially my arms and back. I always look forward to my training times with Julie, knowing that she plays a huge part in reaching my goals.

-Annmarie G.

I began working with Julie 2 years after completing cancer treatment.  My first visits were a gift from a friend who must have seen that I was ready to do this!  I was in this for the long run realizing it now had to be part of my lifestyle, one day at a time.  I didn’t want to be big and muscley, I just wanted to feel strong and healthy in a way that worked for me.

Due to surgeries, chemo, and radiation, I lost alot of muscle mass and was constantly fatigued.  I am in my early 40′s and when I started to see Julie I could hardly even lift the bar that the weights go on!  Julie modified things for me and we did (still do) a variety of exercises at a pace that is individualized just for me.  She has a knack for knowing when to gently push and when to modify what I am doing, with her focus first and foremost on safety and avoiding injury.  Julie is knowledgeable, she listens, and she is strong and healthy herself.

Within a week I began to feel healthier, stronger, and I had a ton more energy.  4 months later I have just registered for my first 5k, and see the undeniable connection between mind, body, and spirit.  Thanks to Julie I have made it over that initial hump that just seemed too insurmountable to do on my own.  I spent alot of money on medical bills during cancer treatment – I would much rather spend that money on something good and healthy for me that will help to prevent future illness.  No brainer!

Julie is passionate about helping people who are ready to live a healthy life.  If you have any hesitation, that is fear talking – don’t listen to it.  Just do it – you will be so glad that you did.

-Denise S.

I have been training with Julie Murphy for the past two years. What first made me want to train with Julie was her incredible motivating attitude towards her clients. Before I started training, I had never exercised before. All throughout high school, I was never one to play sports or to do any kind of physical activity. Julie opened my eyes to the fitness world and showed me that exercising could be fun and rewarding if I put forth effort. I dropped sixty pounds since I have been training. I went from a size sixteen to a size 8/10. Her routines were fun but also challenging for me. She made me surpass my limits and showed me that I could do anything if I stayed focus. I always leave her studio feeling stronger and more energized. I am nineteen years old today and have still kept my weight off. I still am going to see Julie every week and now I even had my parents sign up with Julie. They have lost forty pounds each in twenty weeks of training.

Julie Murphy is one of the best trainers I know. She has helped me in so many ways and I am privileged I have the opportunity of still training with her today. She just opened up her new private studio in Clawson Michigan. The best part about her new studio is that you are one on one with her. I love the privacy that her studio provides for those of you who do not like working out in gyms. Another great aspect of her studio is that it is personalized. Julie focuses on you for one whole hour or thirty minutes, which ever you prefer to sign up for, and creates the best routines that would work for your body. Julie is an amazing person, as well as, a trainer. I would recommended Julie to everyone I know looking to get into shape and see results.

-Meghan  P.

Very customized workout plan based upon your ability and health goals. Julie pushes you to be at your best!

Fun, energizing workout that enhances all our muscle groups improves endurance and also helps to strengthen our core. We feel like we are in our 20’s again!

Love doing the workouts together. We are more motivated to keep on track, we love being able to spend time together and we can support and push one another to take it up a step.

-Mike and Kathleen P.